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Complaints About Another Member!!!

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Complaints About Another Member!!! Empty Complaints About Another Member!!!

Post  *xBexi_Boox on Wed May 06, 2009 3:43 am

We take all complaints very seriously!!

However, to complain about a member of staff or a normal member contact either me ot RAFScouse (Admin team)

To complain about a female Promo or area rep contact me

To complain about a male promo contact RAFScouse!!

Complaints to the worng person will take longer to deal with and wont get delt with straight away due to staff not always being on at the same time!

Complaints About Another Member!!! Bexiba100

ApexStylers Head Promo... contact me if interested in promoing for ApexStylers!

*RAFscouse wrote: you are not a spam queen your a propa post whore lol

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