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Rule’s on meet’s and social events

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Rule’s on meet’s and social events Empty Rule’s on meet’s and social events

Post  *xBexi_Boox on Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:48 pm

As a community we DO NOT encourage illegal cruises, we do not promote or tolerate dangerous or reckless driving or drink driving
We also don’t promote, encourage or promote street racing.
we respect the police and local residents and like to work along side and co-operate along side them

For meets held in residential areas we ask all our members to:-

~ Respect the community

~ Stick to speed limits

~ Don’t drive reckless

~ Keep music to s reasonable level

~ Not to leave litter lying around (bin bags will be available if there are no bins present)

Any members of the site found attending meets that act irresponsibly will be banned from the forum and reported to the local police.

This is a modified car club not a boy racer forum, don’t ruin it for other’s by being irresponsible behaviour

Thank you very much

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