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What ApexStylers is all about... Empty What ApexStylers is all about...

Post  *xBexi_Boox on Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:06 pm

ApexStylers is a new community for car enthusiasts who enjoy spending their time on their cars and enjoy mixing with people who have the same interests.

ApexStylers isn’t just a car forum it’s a community, who don’t just attend car shows and meets but also hold social and charity events.

Some social events we will hold in the next year include:-

~ Clubbing
~ Beach Days
~ Lunch events
~ Dinner events
~ Golf
~ and trips to local attractions

Some of the charity events we will be holding in the next year include:-

~ Car washing
~ Raffles
~ Going in the sea at Christmas day

Whilst enjoying our self’s we do take shows seriously and are planning on attending the big shows this year!

We have show girls who play a major role in the forum and at shows.

We hope to see you join and hopefully see you at some social events and shows!

Take care


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